Pune punctul pe i

In my opinion, the statement “It is better that ten guilty persons escape that one innocent suffer” (William Blackstone) is about the greater good. I’m truly confident that we could never decide whether it’s true or false. If we care about people and we don’t want to ignore nobody’s pain, if we can’t accept that the “innocent” is an acceptable loss, then we should let those guilty persons escape.

However, we have to be objective, because those ten guilty persons will hurt not one, but ten persons or one hundred persons. In this case, we will have a lot more innocent people suffering. So we might be forced to let one innocent suffer and catch, detain and stop those ten. And if we can make that innocent understand the situation we deal with, he might take this decision himself.

But what if that innocent is our son, our parent, our lover and this must be our call, our decision to make?

Then what do we decide?


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